Suraj Garh Fort, Shekhawati

The Surajgarh Fort Hotel in Shekhawati is in Surajgarh close to Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan. The town of Surajgarh in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan derives its name from the 18th century fortified Palace Surajgarh. The name literally means "The Castle of the Sun”. The Fort is managed by Tikaraj Aishwarya Katoch and Tikarani Shailija. Tikaraj Aishwarya is the son of Princess of Jodhpur and Maharaja of Kangra. Tikarani Shailija is the eldest daughter of the Maharaja of Sailana, Sailana is famed for India’s finest cuisine and Tikarani Shailija’s grandfather has written a popular cookery book called Maharaja Sailana’s Cookery Delights. The Fort is protected by a Hercules rampart all around, the Maharaja and Maharani Fort are situated at 2 different corners of the hill, in between are ruins and abandoned houses.

Shekhawati is popularly known as an open air art gallery and Surajagrh is at the heart of it and boasts of many havelis. The Marwari traders accumulated enormous wealth in their trade of rice, opium, cotton, spices and textiles. The wealth was usually reinvested or sent back home for their families. The prosperous marwari families tried to outdo the other in the size and quality of their mansions, giving birth to fine and colourful architecture in the desert region where it was least expected. The main palace and keep of Surajgarh Fort have 11 unique suites, an astonishingly painted dining hall, and several lounges including the upstairs open-air terrace courtyard. The Minimal changes have been made to the architecture, apart from the necessary buttressings, glazings and girdings to make it habitable. Thus, the ground floor rooms were originally a labyrinth of storerooms, and dungeon dark. Today the thick walls have been opened up retaining the arches and lintels, to make up study, sitting, sleeping and dressing and toilette areas in each suite.

How to reach

The nearest airport to surajgarh is Indira Gandhi International Airport and is just 182 km from Surajgarh. Jaipur International airport is also just 220 kms away from surajgarh.

Surajgarh railway station is just 1.4 km away. The other railway stations near to Surajgarh are Chirawa which is 16 km away and Pilani which is 22 kms away from Surajgarh.

Surajgarh is well connected by road and is also well linked toward the other target destinations of the Rajasthan state through the well-organized network the Rajasthan state transport company.