Shekhawati was part of Jaipur earlier but now it covers the district of Sikar and Jhunjhunu. Shekhawati means the land of Shekhs. It is the semi-arid historical area whose name was derived from Rajputs of Shekhawati region. It is widely known as the open art gallery of Rajasthan for its beautiful and grand size forts, historical monuments and havelis. The famous tourists attraction in Shekhawati are Churu fort, Dundlod fort, Castle Mandawa and Pilani. The havelis of Shekhawati were painted in maroon, green, blue, indigo and yellow colours in the mural style of Shekhawati. The style of mural painting is also known as ala gila. The languages spoken by the people of Shekhawati are Rajasthani, Marwari and Hindi.

Places to visit

Dundlod Fortis a small town situated in Jhunjhunu district of Shekhawati region, the nearest towns are Nawalgarh and Mukundgarh. It is famous for its fort and havelis. The Dundlid fort is blend of the Rajput and Mughal art and architechture. The décor of the whole fort is very lavish and is ornamented with antique structure, wall hanging, foliage, minarets, mythological paintings, and artistic.
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Harsha is a very famous village in the Sikar region and widely known as the Harsha nagar. There is an old Shiva temple which was founded during the Chauhan period. It is one of the major religious places of the village.

Sri Bihariji Temple is another beautiful attraction of Shekhawati which was founded in the year 1775. Its walls are covered with antique and splendid paintings of the Ramayana, the Epic of Hindu Mythology.

Bagar is a town which is known for its painted havelis Sikar is a part of Shekhawati as Jhunjhunu. It is a historical city and has many old havelis which are a huge tourist attraction. The Sawant Ram Chokhani haveli, Bansidhar Rathi Haveli, Kedia Haveli are some of the major havelis of the town.


Shekhawati can be travel by air. The nearest airport is Sanganer Airport in Jaipur is almost 150km away from Shekhawati.

one can also travel by rail as the nearest railway station is jhunjhunu.

Shekhawati is connected with the major cities like Jaipur, Delhi, and Bikaner via roadways.