Jhalawar Tour

Jhalawar district is a part of Kota division. In 1838 A.D Jhalawar district was separated by the British. The name Jhalawar was derived from Jhalas, the Jhala clan of Rajputs. It is lying in the south eastern region of Rajasthan at the edge of the Malwa plateau.

The vegetation of Jhalwar range is dominated by the tropical thorn scrub forest in the plain towards Kalisindh River and tropical dry deciduous forest on the hills in west.
Jhalawar claims the rich historic as well as natural wealth. It is extermely beautiful for its pre-historic cave painting, massive forts,thickly wooded forest and exotic wildlife variety.

Tours Attraction
Jhalawar fort is situated in the center of the towns. It is also known as Garh Palace. The magnificent fort in the center of the town presently houses the collectorate and other district officers. It is well-known fot its paintings and mirrors on the walls of ‘zanana khas’. Permission is requiredfrom the officer to watch the paintings.Read more

The Government museum is situated in the Old Garh Palace near the Bhawani Natya Shala. This museum was founded by the collector of the Mathura district and was established in 1915. It is one of the oldest museum of Rajasthan. There are many paintings and manuscripts and various other artifacts in the museum.

Bhawani Natya Shala is an amazing structure which is located in the center of the town. It was built by Maharaja Bhawani Singh in 1921. It is a thetare which was built for performance of the plays and other cultural events. It was a popular Parsi theatre.It is well worth a visit.

Ren Basera is a beautiful wooden cottage located on the bank of Kishan Sagar. It was originally constructrd by the Forets Research Institute of Dehradun.

Jhalara Patan is known as the City of Temple Bells. The entrie township is located within a wall. It is known for its vibrant growth and infrastructure development.


Jhalawar is connected by road from cities like Bundi, Kota and Jaipur.National Highway No.12 passes through Jhalawar. The nearest railway station is Kota.