Jal Mahal Palace,Jaipur

Jal Mahal means the ‘Water Palace’, is a beautiful place that is located in the middle of the lake Man Sagar in Jaipur. The Jal Mahal is 4km to the north of Jaipur. It is one of the beautiful architectural palace that was built with the Mughal and Rajput craftsmanship. It was built in the middle of Man Sagar lake which provide a charming view of lake and also focus on Mahgargarh hills. The whole palace is made of red stone. The fourth floor of the palace stay under the water and only the fifth floor is visible. There are four chhatris on all the four corner of the palace. They are in Octagonal in shape. During the rainy season lakes are fills with water, only boats facilities are open to travel the palaces.

The Man Sagar Lake is the home for more than 150species of local and migratory birds that include Large Flamingo, Great Crested Grebe, Pintail, Kestrel, Coot, Red shank and so on. But this Species are declined with the worsening of the lake. In Jal Mahal there is also a reserved forest area with the attachment of lake. There are several species such as Deer, Jungle cat, striped hyena, Indian fox, Indian wild boar and leopard. Jaipur’s government has made a tremendous effort to improve the palace and the surrounding lake..The small markets stalls and camel rides are only the thing to do in Jal Mahal. Jal Mahal each and every side tells the fairy tales stories.

Travel to Jal Mahal

Tourists can travel by road, rail and air. Regular flight is available to Jaipur as the nearest airport is Sangner Airport. Visitors can also travel by train, Jaipur is connected by all major cities. It is very easy to travel by road to Jaipur as the buses are available and even the private vehicles. After reaching your destination you can travel by rickshaw from Jaipur to Jal Mahal. A one day rickshaw tour that includes the Amer fort, the Jal Mahal and the Monkey Temple will cost around 500Rs. The Jal Mahal is also connected to Jaipur bus (bus no 05 and AC1) and the palaces is on the main route between Jaipur and Amer.