Jain Temple , Ranakpur

The Ranakpur temple lies in the Rankpur Village of Pali district in Rajasthan which is 23km away from the Phalna railway station. Ranakpur is situated between lush green valleys and beautiful streams. This temple is one of the largest and most important Jain temple complexes of India which is covering an area nearly 4500 square yards and having 29 halls. Ranakpur is one of the five most famous pilgrimage sites of Jainism. The Ranakpur Jain Temple was built in 15th century by Seth Dharna Shah who was a follower of Jainism and a businessman by profession. The temple complex consist of Chaumukha Temple, Parsavanath Temple, Amba Mata Temple and Surya Temple. Chaumukha Temple is the most famous amongst all of them. The term 'Chaumukha' means four-faced. Lord Adinath who was the first Jain Tirthankara is the main presiding deity of Chaumukha Temple.
The temple has four separate entrance doors to penetrate in the chambers. These chambers lead to the main hall or 'Grabh-Griha'. This temple is famous for tits marvellous architecture. The Chaumukha temple is formed like heavenly aircraft. The Temple of Parsavanath is another major tourist attraction. It was built in 15th century. This temple is also known as Patriyon Ka Mandir. Nearby there are two other temple the Neminath temple which is dedicated to 22nd saint and the Surya Narayan temple is dedicated to Sun God. The best time to visit Ranakpur is between October and March when weather is pleasant.

How to reach

The nearest airport is Udaipur 60km south of Ranakpur. There are regular flights to Delhi, Jaipur, Aurangabad, Jodhpur and Mumbai from Udaipur.

The nearest major railway station is Udaipur. And the nearest station from ranakpur is Phalna. There are trains for Delhi, Chittaurgarh, Ajmer, and Jaipur from Udaipur Station.

State transport corporation buses as well as private buses are well connected to Udaipur and other major cities.