Gargron Fort, Jhalawar

The Gargron Fort was established by King Bijaldev of the Parmar Empire in the year 1195 A.D. Gargron fort is located 12km away from the town Jhalawar. This fort is surrounded by two water bodies namely the river ‘Kali Sindh’ and the river ‘Ahu’ from the fort three sides. In the medieval India, before the formation of the cities like Kota, Bundi, Jhalwar, Gargaron city was very known and superior in Malwa. The Gagron Fort of Rajasthan is also listed by UNESCO. A Mosque of Sufi Saint Mitteshah can be found outside the fort. A grand fair is held on every year during the eve of Moharram. A valley near Gargron fort is encircled by woodland that resound wich screeches of parrots and peacocks. Inside the fort there is a temple which is dedicatedto the Hindu deities Shiva, Ganesha and Durga.

The best time to go on a trip to Rajasthan is between October till the end ofFebruary, with great weather to roam about and experience the pomp and splendour of this culturally rich State. Since, this fort is recognized as a serial cultural property.


The nearest airport in Jhalawar is Kota Airport. There is a regular flight available from all other major cities of India.

There is no nearest railway station to reach Jhalawar. There is only a sub railway station which is located in Bhavani Mandi it is bit far away from Jhalawar.

The network of road is better in Jhalawar. There is good connectivity of buses from all other major cities. You can also hire a luxury buses or private buses for the family trip.

From the city Jhalawar the Gagron fort is at a distance of about 12Kms away. One can hire a taxis and auto rickshaws which are available to arrive at the Gagron Fort from Jhalawar city.