Fort Khejarla, Jodhpur

The Fort Khejarla Hotel is a beautiful heritage fort resort in Rajasthan which is located 85 km East of Jodhpur and it is surrounded by village with view of plains of Marwar. The Fort Khejarla offers guests an enlivening experience. The stunning red sandstone monument is a mesmerizing example of the architecture of the Rajputs. The rugged exterior contradicts an inner paradise with a striking blend of art and architecture leaving one with a magnificent aura. The spellbound grandeur of the Fort offers picturesque settings, latticework friezes and intricate Jharokas that at once transports you back in time to experience the majesty of a long-gone era of valour and chivalry. The Khejarla fort was built in 1611A.D.

This 400 years old fort is now beautifully converted into the Heritage Fort with all comforts and luxury and is conceived as a place where past meets future. This stunning red sandstone monument is a real wonder to visit and experience its beauty and significance. The exterior and interior attraction of the Fort showcases the striking balance between the art and architecture of the medieval period. The fort is converted into a heritage hotel and is run by the royal family and private parties and royal hospitality is provided to the guests.

How to reach

Jodhpur is well connected with railway to major Indian cities like Alwar, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Trivandrum, Pune, Kota, Kanpur etc. Jodhpur Railway Station is the divisional headquarters of the North Western Railways to major Indian cities.

The nearest airport is Jodhpur airport of Rajasthan. Regular flights are available from all other important cities.

Jodhpur is well connected by road to all the important cities in Rajasthan and the nearby cities like Surat, Ujjain, Agra etc.