Desert National Sanctuary

The Desert National Park is one of the important national parks in Rajasthan.
It is situated near the town of Jaisalmer. The Desert National Park is located 45km west of the Jaisalmer city in the west Indian state of Rajasthan close to the India-Pakistan Border. This sanctuary was set up in the year 1980. This park is one of the largest national parks in India which is extending over a 3,

The Desert National Park is unique and fragile ecosystem. Almost 20 per cent of the park is constituted of sand dunes. The rest of the landmark comprises of fixed dunes, intermedial areas, salt lake bottoms and craggy rocks.

It is an excellent example of the desert ecosystem.The most commonly sighted birds in the national park include the endangered Great Indian Bustard, sand grouse, kestrels, laggar falcons, spotted eagles, tawny eagles, short toed eagles, vultures, buzzards, falcons, harriers and eagles. This park also has an impressive collection of plant and animal fossils which is 180 million years old.

The most commonly sighted wild animals in the national park include chinkara, black bucks, hedgehogs, wolves, desert cats, Bengal foxes and desert foxes. The most important attraction of the national park is the Great Indian Bustard, which is a magnificent bird found in very few numbers.

The bird is brown and white in colour, measures about one metre in height and has long legs and neck. Some of the other attractions near the Desert National Park are the Sam Sand Dunes located near the Thar Desert and the Gadsisar Sagar Tank. A large number of migratory birds visit the lake during the winters every year. Tourists can also enjoy jeep safaris to explore a larger part of the area. The best time to visit in Rajasthan is in the month of October to February. The sanctuary is open from afternoon 12pm to evening 5pm.


the nearest airport is Jodhpur which is 322km away and it is also well connected with Khuri.

tourist can also travel by road as the nearest airport is the Jasialmer station which is well connected to the major cities.

RSRTC buses run regularly from Delhi to Rajasthan. The distances from Delhi to Jaisalmer is 882kms and from Jaisalmer to Desert National Park is 40 km away.