Bundi Tour

Bundi is 30 kms from Kota ruled by Hada Chauhan. In Bundi, Rajput architecture shines in the intricately carved brackets, pillars etc. In Bundi interesting places are Diwan-e-am, Hathia Pol, and Nauhat Khana.

Bundi is famous for its large number of age old step-wells which are locally called as Baoris. Bundi attracts nothing like the tourist crowds of places such as Jaipur or Udaipur, nor are its streetschoked with noisy, polluting vehicles or dense throngs of people.Celebrationof the Teej festival in this city is one of its kind.

Places to visit
Taragarh Fort was built in 1354. It is the most impressive structure of city . It used to be a major vanguard for the Chauhan forces. Taragarh Fort has three impressive gateways that will hook you with their architecture. Read more

Bundhi Palace is situated on the hill side adajcent to the Taragarh Fort. It is famous for lavish tradtional murals and frescoes. Read more

Nawal Sagar is a large artifical lake in the center of Bundi containing many small islets. This temple is dedicated to Varuna, the vedic god of water. Read more

Dabhai Kund is also called as the Jail Kund. It is one of the largest Kund in Bundi.


Bundi can be travel by airways as Sanganeer Airport are the nearest to airport. Regular flight are available from the major cities.

Bundi can also travel by rail as the Kota Railway station are th nearest station.

Bundi is well connected by Roadways via regular buses.