Amer Fort , Jaipur

The Amer Fort is known as Amber Fort is located in the Amer village, 11 kilometres away from the city of Jaipur. It was built by Maharaja Man Singh of the Kachwaha Rajput clan in the year 1592. The structure underwent numerous improvements for the next 150 years till in 1727, the then ruler Maharaja SawaiJai Singh II, who founded the new Capital city of Jaipur. This massive fort has a total of 4 courtyards, the 1st courtyard , also known as the ‘Jaleb Chowk’, which was the place for soldiers to assemble, and various parades were held here, the 1st courtyard also houses an elegant temple called the Shila Mata temple, and is still visited by millions.

The 2nd courtyard was the place where the ‘Diwan-Ai-Aam’ or the public assemblies were held, it contains a raised platform with 27 colonnades, each of which mount elephant shaped galleries above them. The 3rd courtyard houses the private quarters of the Maharajas, the Mughal Gardens, the Tripolia gate, the Liongate and the Sheesha mahal or the mirror palace and is an example of the awe-inspiring architecture from the Rajput and Mughal period, the 4th courtyard was the place where the Queen, courtesans and other women lived. The Amer fort is one of the main tourist attractions in Rajasthan. Being the well-known tourist spot, Jaipur is well connected with various parts of the country.


There is an international airport in the city which operates domestic and international flights. The nearest airport is Sangneer airport(11km).

Trains are also available on the regular basis from all other major cities. The luxury train the ‘Palace on Wheels’ is also available.

Jaipur can be travel by road as the highways are well maintained.